I came to Cherry Peak to find answers. Ones that could change the entire trajectory of my life forever. 

The idea of searching for the sister I never knew existed was simple enough, but I should have known better than to expect something with such high stakes to go according to plan.

It only took one night of dancing between tables in a small town bar for all of said plans to turn to ash. I wasn’t here to fall into the arms of a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and a grin on his all-too handsome face, yet there’s something about Johnny that keeps tugging me closer. He claims it’s a sign from the universe. I say he’s too big of a dreamer. 

I’m caught between seeking the answers I need to move on with my life and spending every spare moment I have learning more about the man who considers me his. 

The tangled vines of my family tree seem to drape over every corner of Cherry Peak. Once I cut one, two more grow in its place. What was supposed to be a quick trip of discovery has turned into something that has me considering staying forever. 

I’ve been chasing a home for so long, but do I really fit in this small town, or have I just grown too blind to see a life without it?