When Garrison Beckett stumbles into Cherry Peak, it isn’t by choice. As the CEO of Swift Edge Records, his presence here is like a storm cloud in our clear blue sky. They say he’s here for the next two months to grow as a person while waiting for the dust to clear back home, but he sees his stay as a punishment wrapped in small-town charm.

He’s everything I’ve always avoided in men: rude, conceited, and utterly infuriating. Yet, while the spark between us is impossible to ignore, it’s also a giant pain in my ass. 

We fall into a simple arrangement. Friends with benefits. No strings, just the thrill of the moment and undeniable sexual chemistry. It was supposed to be easy. I wasn’t supposed to fall for him. 

As the end of his two month exile approaches, the reality of our situation sinks in. Garrison’s life is in Toronto, and my roots are buried deep in Cherry Peak. We’re worlds apart, but surely I can’t just let him walk away…right? 

Is our love enough to bridge the distance between two entirely different worlds? Or are we destined to be just another Cherry Peak legend?